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Six step’s to creating a
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Wealth is more than money. Managed the right way, it can be a tool that gets you closer to your goals. That’s where HB&O Financial Services can help.

Our experienced team will help you chart your path through life, ensuring you are financially ready for every stage from getting your own place to funding your children’s education to anticipating a comfortable retirement.

We’ll talk to you and get to know you. Once we’re sure that we understand the life goals that matter most to you, we’ll recommend a plan to help you get there.

As part of our process we carry out regular reviews to help you stay on track with your personalised financial strategy — updating any changing needs or circumstances.



The process begins with a free initial consultation. We will confirm how our services work, discuss your primary needs and objectives and provide details about our costs and fees.



During this stage we will take the time to fully understand your current financial position, your medium to longer term financial objectives and any shorter term goals and ambitions you want to achieve along the way.


Research & Analysis

Using our in-house expertise, we will review your existing plans and use the latest research and cash flow analysis tools to build a clear picture of your current financial situation. This will help us to fully understand where any gaps are and the changes that need to be made.



Our Independent Chartered Financial Planners and planning team will now provide recommendations, tailored specifically to helping you to achieve your financial objectives.



Once you are happy with the recommendations, we will complete the necessary paperwork and implement the new planning strategy.


Reviews and Amendments

To ensure any planning we put in place remains aligned to your needs and objectives, our Financial Planning & Wealth Management clients receive regular reviews, with further advice and recommendations as deemed appropriate.

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